Human dignity is the external expression of an internal state of self-worth.  A person who really understands his or her own inherent worth and respects that of others will come to know that worth is not something assigned by external sources, but rather, comes from a source that is Universal and Eternal.

Living Values helps touch that source, guiding the reader towards a more profound understanding of the true nature of the self which at its essence  is the dignity and worth of the individual and the sacredness or divine nature of human life.

The twelve higher values described - Love, Peace, Respect, Understanding, Tolerance, Simplicity, Happiness, Humility, Honesty, Freedom Cooperation and Unity are core values fundamental to the well being of humanity as a whole.

They will touch the core of the individual, perhaps inspiring positive change which can contribute to world transformation.  The world will automatically become a better place when each individual becomes abetter person.

Opening to the Essence of the 12 Values


Helping you to qualify and quantify yourself

Honesty: Do I look for loopholes in order to avoid expressing my truth? Do I expect others to be honest with me when I am not honest with them? Am I willing to be honest even though I may be adversely affected by the outcome? Am I truthful with myself, my relationships and my environment? Am I willing to accept I may be wrong?

Cooperation: How willingly do I work with the conditions I am presented with? Do I welcome the ideas and preferences of others? Do I like to do things myself, my way? Can I compromise willingly? Can I go without sometimes? Do I recognise the inter-dependence of all things? Do I need to be independent? Can I accept help from others, whether I want it or not?

Freedom: Do I feel freedom to be as I am abide in knowing that I exist and I am of worth? How often do I feel free from mind-noise; from self-judgement and criticism; from complication and confusion? Do I feel trapped in my relationship, in my work, or do I know I have the freedom to make another choice?

Simplicity: To what degree do I accept the present moment – what life is offering me now? Do I accept my life situation with willing ease or do I create struggle? Do I accumulate things, knowledge, people, and acquaintances? Do I trust that I have what I need? Do I respect simplicity or do I seek complexity? Am I often caught up in shoulds and self-judgement.Unity: Am I feeling whole, connected to life around me, to opportunity, or do I feel separation and isolation? How aligned are my heart, my head and my actions? Can I see myself as part of the greater community, or do I hold myself apart in some way?

Love: How am I motivated in my actions by Love? When do I feel pure unconditional love? How do I express my love toward myself and others….how openly and honestly? How willing am I to express my love toward all those around me?

Peace: Can I hold my simplicity and keep still in myself even when external circumstances erupt into chaos? Do I create a peaceful atmosphere? Do I know the feeling of peace? Is it for me a lasting or transient feeling? Is it a feeling, or is it for me a state of being?

Respect: Do I honour the worth of others and self in my day to day interactions? Do I honour what I have with gratitude? How do I personally honour my life and all life forms?

Tolerance: Where am I intolerant of others or circumstances? Where am I intolerant of myself? Where is my threshold? What conditions support my tolerance, Is my tolerance limited by other stronger feelings such as resentment and fear, or can I knowingly acknowledge another’s worth and need to exist regardless of that which I don’t like or understand? If someone or some condition is harmful to me, can I discern it, and do I find ways to care for myself in order to restore my tolerance?

Responsibility: Do I like responsibility or avoid responsibility? To what extent am I responsible for myself? To what extent do I expect others to meet my needs? Do I blame external circumstance when things go wrong? Do I accept and take responsible action to make the best of a situation?

Humility: How often am I willing to be present to my vulnerability; to my discomfort? How often do I respond in defence? Do I ask for help from others? Can I ask another for forgiveness? Can I forgive myself? Do I trust that life will present me with the challenges and opportunities that I truly need, or do I resist what I have and complain about how things could be different? Do I accept the consequences of my actions in a spirit of self-empathy and learning, or do I judge harshly myself and others?

Happiness: What is my state of contentment – of general wellness, health, harmony, and connection? How cheerfully do I take on my duties? Is happiness a way of life and inner state of being for me?…or is it a static place that is enjoyable momentarily, but that can easily be lost?


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