LIVING VALUES - A baby boomers dream come true!

Have you ever wanted to “give back”?  And then have you got bogged down in “but how?”  There seem to be so many needs – in our own community, in our own country, in our own region – from the very small needs for blankets and food by the people down the road, to the very large needs for houses and infrastructure at the latest site of devastation from a tsunami or an earthquake.  Where on earth to begin?  Well, right here, in our own heads and hearts!  Who’d have thought?  It’s called Living Values Education.

I first read about this in the Living Now magazine I like so much and I was intrigued enough to learn more.  So I signed up for a workshop and spent the weekend learning about this program. The world is full of the most amazing things and this certainly has to be one of them.

Here is a quote from the Living Values Education International website:

“Living Values Education was initially developed by educators for educators in consultation with the Education Cluster of UNICEF, New York, and the Brahma Kumaris. Twenty educators from five continents met at UNICEF Headquarters in New York in August of 1996 to discuss the needs of children around the world, their experiences of working with values, and how educators can integrate values to better prepare students for lifelong learning. Using Living Values: A Guidebook and the Convention on the Rights of the Child as a framework, the global educators identified and agreed upon the purpose and aims of values-based education worldwide — in both developed and developing countries.”

What is even more amazing to me is that I can be part of this education program, and the way I see it, this is a tiny (but giant) step towards world peace.

You know the saying “give a person a fish and they’ll eat for one day, but teach a person how to fish and they can provide for themselves for ever”.  Well, to me, this Living Values Education is in the same footy field.  Bear with me while I draw this rather long bow.

If harmony prevails in a country or a region, then war cannot flourish.  If harmony prevails in a community then infrastructure can be built by that community (rather than for).  Bringing it closer to home, if harmony prevails in a school, bullying simply drops away – no need for stern measures or punishment (which is in itself a form of bullying).*

I believe that we attract what we focus on – and if the focus is on selfishness and disrespect – then we have wars, arguments, boundary disputes with our neighbours and so on.  Equally, if the focus is on respect, tolerance, freedom, cooperation, responsibility then we can ultimately live in harmony because fear and all its horrible relatives have been shown the door.

We don’t mean to focus on disrespect etc. it just kind of happens in our society – but these Values will bring about a change in focus.  The great thing about this course (yes, back to the course I just did) is that it does not impose anything on the participants – it seeks simply to reveal what is already inside us, to give us tools to access the loveliness that is in us all.  Think about it – really, really – which one feels better – to assist someone, somehow, or to hate, slander, sledge or hurt someone in some way?  Unfortunately we often give in to our baser instincts and it may feel powerful and exhilarating for a moment, but that quickly gives way to what I call emotional indigestion – feeling pretty yucky inside.  I personally prefer the feeling I get from assisting, from giving, and I bet you do too.

The Living Values course works on the personal level first, and then enables you, if you wish, to take it to the wider community and involve others in this different way of being and thinking – or should I say – this truly human way of being.

There are two websites to visit.  The International one and the Australian one.   If you’re a baby boomer like me, who now has the time and the resources to follow the dream of “giving back” then this may be your dream come true!

* The Values Education is for all individuals and communities at all levels.  So it will benefit your local school, your own business, your own self or the people of Indonesia, war torn Sudan or anywhere else you can imagine.  As I see it, this is world peace, one person at a time – from the ground up.  Exciting!                                                     

By Norid - April 2010 workshop Gold Coast

For me I believe that Living Values gives me the permission to be who I really am and to discover and explore my Love and Light.  To step out of the illusion and gently, one by one remove all my masks.                                                                                                         Paula B.

The experience has been especially liberating for me.  The learning I hold and take into my life will extend this gift of liberation into all that I do.  Letting go of the perpetual cycle of self-judgement has brought me closer to the value of Honesty.  Thank you for an inspiring weekend and hugely spirited people.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Christina

It was a beautiful and gentle experience and openeed me up to myself very easily.  I saw more of myself in a weekend and look forward to embodying these values in my everyday life.  Thank you                                                                                                                                                                        Fab

This weekend's workshop evaluation sheets came back with a 10 out of 10 on all categories and are the most enthusiastic and heartfelt evaluations I have yet to collate.

Wini (Office Administrator for Living Values)

The enormous shift within my very being when a value has been explored and related to my real life experience, made this one of the most valuable workshops I have done.


Since I did the workshop in Byron, I have been having a very profound experience; there are no words to explain. I feel very peaceful and free - like a child playing in kindergarten with no-expectations or judgments. It is what it is.


Words fall short of sharing the utter value of what Living Values does! Profound, positive, peaceful, fun, growth and change. Thank you!


The simplicity of Living Values is just incredible. It allowed me to go to a greater depth in my own awareness and to be able to see and move through the blocks which have prevented me from really living.


I enjoyed rating the values spontaneously, then redoing them with a lot more consideration and then noticing the changes. It made me very grateful for everything to realise how highly they all rated. The facilitators where wonderful and created a very loving and joyful atmosphere which allowed me to discover and open up more about myself.


You enabled me to reach levels within that I have never previously had any awareness of. It was your unnervingly wise guidance that led me to the point of true understanding of the root of some of my habitual patterning.


Poem from one of the Value exercises, Byron Bay April 2009

T’was a pretty tangle before Me that I saw, that morning as my Angels brought me to the door.
A group affixed by hands entwined, laughter expressed yet concern I did find.
Interwoven and interlocked they didn’t seem to have much chance, circling and clambering as if doing a dance.
Then I noticed a deeper mystery coming forth that day, as many of my Values were brought into play.
Co-operation was easily perceived and Unity too, while no one took the lead, yet all had a part to do.
Humility and Patience waited their turn, while Respect and Tolerance were fully earned.
Trust and Faith, my pillars of old upheld the sway, when confusion and doubt sought to challenge the play.
Joy besieged their moments as openness unfolded, and Love was fully present when nobody scolded.
I witnessed Compassion that knew no bounds, as Simplicity herself made everyone clowns.
It was a lesson well learned that Game I beheld, when all of My Values are embraced and upheld.
I smiled and I loved my children at play, as Father to all, I had only one thing to say...
That Intention and Allowance as Keys to My Kingdom, guarantee Happiness and infinite Freedom.
Thank you ...for your Integrity, your Honesty too, nothing was missing and ...I really Love you!

The Living Values unites all of humanity.  They live within each of us and we can all relate to them and to each other.  The Living Values grow inside me like a garden.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Lanyi


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