Raj Miles

Raj came from an entrepreneurial world in the travel and boating industry. In the mid 90s, after being brought to a standstill in his life and circumstances which forced him into letting go, perhaps for the first time. Offering to work for ‘Spirit in the field of communications’ resulted in 12 years as publisher of “Elohim - Way of the Heart” Journal and accompanying international spiritual tours, workshops facilitator and events activities.

Through this service emerged the personal journey of self discovery and awakening to what can be called "a way of life" through the living of Values. Since 2007 together with partner, Suzanne Stallard  they have been involved in the creation and development of the Karuna Bali Foundation in Indonesia, and its growth into accepting the Living Values Associateship for Indonesia.  Subsequently they undertook LVE training here in Australia and became qualified trainers of facilitators: "It feels like a natural extension of our skills and desire to serve" as the Australian Focal Point representing the International Living Values organisation.

Suzanne Stallard

Suzanne has always been involved in communications and human relations in one form or another. She started her working life as a copywriter in Radio and moved into Country then Metropolitan Television in production and promotion. Later she ran her own business for around five years, stopped to have children and do a huge house renovation. Suzanne went back to the workforce reluctantly and eventually ended up in Real Estate for many years. She realized early on that Sales people are teachers and every professional undertaking she has entered has been from the perspective of being people-oriented and helpful, and it has always been successful and rewarding. In recent times 1996 until the present, she and her partner have developed a multi faceted business in Spiritual Group Travel, a Publishing Business and Workshops and events. Over the past three years they have been involved in the creation and development of Karuna Bali Foundation in Indonesia, and its growth into accepting the LVE Associateship for Indonesia. Subsequently they undertook LVE training here in Australia and have become qualified facilitators: "It feels like a natural extension of our skills and desire to serve".

Anna Aranci

Anna's love of travel began as a very young child; this seemed to fuel her childhood wonder about life, what seemed good and bad, and had her questioning what or who God is.

Her career in travel only added to the experiences available to her through this lifestyle. Migrating to Australia after growing up in Europe only deepened this awareness, particularly in relation to her becoming a mother. With the birth of each of her four children a new adventure of discovery began. Over this 23 year period she immersed herself in the many modalities of healing and self development available to her, resulting in her finding great love. This Love facilitated a union, an awakening and a passion for All That Is. It was a natural progression into assisting individuals and facilitating groups to discover their passion and great love.

When invited to a Living Values workshop Anna found herself on yet another adventure and likened it to finding buried treasure, which she is delighted to share with each and every one of you.

Rita Cramer

In her early childhood Rita already felt an intense desire for freedom and justice, connected with a clear intention of becoming a teacher. 

During her studies at the University of Berlin, at a time when social values were debated in nearly all scientific subjects, Rita participated in activities like organizing discussions around alternative school projects, based on the question how children may internalize democratic values. 

After her degree and 2 years of working as a secondary school teacher, the stress of this institution took over. Through a severe spinal injury a profound self healing process took place, which led to the decision of changing the professional path. Healing herself and supporting others in their own healing process became her new passion. After 10 years of working as a holistic health practitioner, the desire for freedom which still existed in the background of her mind became reactivated leading to travelling around the world. The involvement in spiritual teachings was bringing her to Australia, when finally the mind liberated, the Self revealed and the search ended.

“After this long journey, Living Values education found me in a miraculous way. It appeared as a ‘universal gift’. Bringing awareness to the values is simply ‘waking up’, reconnecting to the inherent treasure in every moment. Living from this point of view of something that I am,  life is expanding. This expansion emerges through the wisdom of the heart and has become such a joy-able and peaceful lifestyle for myself and as well as assisting others in the discovery of their true nature.”

More about Rita:

       Denise Shaw


I have spent most of my life caring for others and commenced nursing at 16 years of age. Apart from a few years off to welcome my beautiful children into the world I am still nursing.  Being a Mum is the most precious gift I have experienced and would like to say I did an admiral job but alas  I certainly had short comings along the way. Children are precious gifts.

Most of my life I have spent supporting many people through their own hurdles in life, often ignoring my own. In addition to nursing and family life, I set up and ran a spiritual church/center for over four years and continued for many years after this helping others through many healing modalities, teaching meditations and healing and doing multiple amazing journeys from  art, spiritual adventures, and following everything I could to grow in knowledge. Just looking for something!

I became aware of a huge empty space within me, no journey I had taken had filled this space permanently, all just for filling an interest or short lived excitement. There was no depth  to it. I attended a Living values introduction session a few years ago and decided I wanted more, a closer more indepth look than a weekend workshop would give me. So I embarked on a three month in depth look into myself doing the distance learning package as well as a few weekend workshops. 

I was not expecting this would make the huge difference  in my life that it has. The material  forced to look at myself, all of me,   my hurdles, pain, grief, fears and blocks. I soon discovered what values were the hardest for me...anything to do with me!!

I completed the course and wanted to help others gain what I had gained and became a facilitator. This was a very valuable experience for me I found so much inside of me I had not healed and by doing so my fears lessened I grew a new understanding and compassion for myself. Something I previously only had for others.  My fear of being judged was challenged; I won and chains around me were broken. My journey continues every moment.

I have a renewed vigor for helping others now. What I love about living values is you are supported to discover yourself and your potential. You are not told or taught what you should do but are supported while you unfold what is inside of you as deeply as you want to. 

I am further humbled to know I am the first person world-wide to engage this program on a full time basis by distance learning. And have been told my feedback on this has been valuable to the program. I found I engaged the program deeply and emotionally on a long term continuous basis by the distance program discovering hidden happiness and desires in myself.

Now I am very keen to facilitate your wakening, you can come to me or I will come to your group get together. I live in Qld. Australia and  I am willing to travel with prior arrangements. I can be contacted through

With blessings Denise






         Wayne Shaw

I come from a Trades background and around 15 years ago I started to become aware that my life was missing something.  I knew religion was not it, I wasn't pushed into it as a child but left to make up my own mind on that and I decided that I had no interest in religion as it was so restrictive in every way.

I tried a few New Age things, which had some positive effects, but it still didn't fill a need.

Around 18 months ago Raj told us about "Living Values" and I thought it might be worth a look.    So I went to a talk Raj gave at the Wondai RSL one evening and decided to do a couple of weekend workshops.   These I did and I got some interesting insight into some values that I realised I was not paying much attention to.  I then discovered on the website a link to a Home Study course.  I looked into this and decided to commence it with my wife, Denise actually starting first.   

I quickly realised that living in each value for an entire week really highlighted my lack of understanding and utilisation of these values. I saw my own arrogance at play often to the detriment of myself and others.    

After completing the Course I have concluded that in living in a value each week plus the previous week’s values I received an enormous amount more from the Course than even doing weekend workshops.  I have discovered that what I have been looking for was actually inside me and the Living Values Home Study Course has greatly helped me to see my shortcomings and what I need to be more aware of on a daily basis.  It has made me "Take a long hard look at myself".   My life is definitely better after finding "Living Values".

If you really want to make a positive change in your life then look into doing the 3 month Home Study Course.  

Thank you to Raj and Suzanne from Living Values, Australia.


 David Webby

David says Living Values has made a big difference in his relationship with his partner, and has challenged him to live life with more respect and honesty. ‘I have worked with many healing modalities and have found that Living Values inspires one to look deeper within themself rather than sweep it under the carpet. ‘Those ‘Sneaky Values’ have done it again!’

David also loves the format that LV uses in the workshops. Rather than teach someone how they should feel, Living Values encourages one to explore that for themself. ‘I like that’, he says, ‘because teaching is a bit like preaching, whereas facilitating allows people to make their own choices.’

David’s experience in business and the health industry, as well as personal and spiritual growth, has helped him gain many life skills and knowledge. David’s desire is to help people understand themselves and others, both in relationships, and at work, and discover more happiness and peace within their lives.

Victoria Boyle

Victoria spent many years in the corporate world.  After a marriage break up and spending the last six years raising two children as a single mother, Victoria reflects that this time with her children and facing life full on, has been one of the most rewarding experiences of her life.

“I feel there is no greater gift than the experiences life brings us – how we perceive those experiences determines our life path.  Why not see them as a gift for positive and healthy change to create an extraordinary life path”.

Victoria has always believed that her life path has been to help others.  “Even as a child I always knew I would end up working with people to help them find their true essence, that part within them that knows they have so much to offer and to bring that part of them to the forefront for the joy of just being themselves”.

She finds the concept of “Living Values Programme” an amazing, simple and effective tool for life.

“Living Values is such a wonderful concept. It reaches in and tugs at you – little by little, sometimes gently, sometimes not! It allows you to ‘breathe’ – to dig deep and really see the picture of who you are.  It allows you time and space to be yourself, to be accepted and acknowledged.

"I have had so much internal growth by becoming a facilitator.  I am excited with the awareness of the ‘Living Values Programme’ and look forward to facilitating and sharing with others.   It is a subtle, deep, loving and rewarding way of exploring your ‘inner you’, through much laughter, joy and the occasional tear!  Why not just give it a try – magic happens!”

Laura Re

Laura will always remember her seventh birthday wish, "to have an inner happiness so no matter what happened around her, she would always be peaceful on the inside". Her life journey to find inner peace and happiness has taken her all over the world. Having lived in such places as India, France, Bali, England and all over Australia, Laura has acquired diplomas in Health Science, Counseling, Kinesiology and Art Therapy. She has also studied yoga, dance, breath and movement therapy as well as many other mind-body modalities. Her experiences in the field of personal development are extensive and include such things as facilitating self discovery and inner exploration retreats as well as volunteering with both the Royal Children's Hospital and the Burn Survivors network. A highlight in her journey has been the discovery of Living Values Education which she began in April 2009.

"Living Values is profound in the wisdom it contains and I am in awe of its remarkable ability to create positive lasting change in individuals and community. It is not only a powerful catalyst for finding inner peace and happiness; it is fun, playful and outrageously simple!" Laura also adds, "It seeps into your cells and you can really feel the effects of living the values in everyday life. It's profound and practical, a perfect combination!"

Laura's passion has been to live and breathe the core values by bringing them into the most mundane tasks & aspects of life and watching everything around her shift from ordinary to extraordinary!

Paula Bendel

My background is Hotel Management and my purpose and passion is to experience truth, light and wisdom through acquiring as much knowledge as I can to live my best possible life while I'm here on earth. I hope, then, to share this information with others who may be interested. My journey towards this progressive realisation of a worthy ideal has taken many paths.

Over the years I have studied a variety of healing modalities and have always enjoyed sharing these with others by working with them to make positive changes in their life and showing them how to care for their mind, body and spirit. I've always believed the heart of education is education of the heart; Living Values Education reflects this and shows how you can live your best life in this ever-expanding universe, where you're never going to get it done and you're never going to get it right, such is the nature of life.

By making conscious contact with the Living Values Education Workshop I learnt the great depth and importance of the emotions and values that we covered. I also realised how much room for improvement there was in my life to fully appreciate and assimilate the values, and that truly excites me. I felt the title of Living Values was an apt one, as the values are alive in that they require constant nurturing, attention, time, energy, love, and last but not least celebration.

Never has there been such clarity in my next step of evolution here in Earth School to be a facilitator for Living Values Education.

I enjoy the connection I feel through facilitating, that space that says love, and sharing my knowledge in a way where I can contribute to another's elevation of spirit, which ultimately uplifts the planet's love vibration.

Nicholas Dacomb

Why do I want to do this? I feel a deep down burning desire when I think of the positive change I can make in the world. The first reason I would like to do this is because it will help me develop and grow as a person, by facilitating values education I too will be continuously learning. Seeing the changes these values can have on one's life I feel the desire to incorporate them into my daily life. In doing so I can be the change I would like to see in the world, leading by example. By facilitating these workshops I will be living my dreams, something we are all capable of.

Throughout my life I have felt inspired to help others; I honestly believe I can have a large impact on many people's lives. Awakening people to their true potential feels like a simple natural process for me. I can give people a greater sense of self with the understanding we are all special in our own unique way, each and everyone has a gift they can share with the world. Life just seems to flow with grace and ease the more one learns about all 12 Values.


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