We are seeking SUPPORT IN THE FORM OF SPONSORSHIP from heart centred organizations to be associated with the roll-out of the Living Values programs in Australia.

Living Values is an internationally recognised and respected educational program with the very highest credentials. It is encouraging values which are community supportive, family orientated, business enhancing and empowering for the individual.

The aspirations of Living Values would need to align strongly, to be accord with the goals of your own venture – to improve the relationship between customer and employer, between employee and employer and indeed the well being of each person involved with your enterprise. Our program invokes a quality of life that when applied consistently over time must enhance the well-being of the individual. This we can guarantee you.

The Living Values Education Program is coordinated by the Association for Living Values Education International, a non-profit association of educators from around the world. It was founded 14 years ago and historically supported by UNESCO and is sponsored by a wide variety of organizations, institutions and individuals. The core program is being implemented in 42 countries worldwide.

LVE is part of the global movement in the United Nations' Decade for a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence for the Children of the World.

In brief, we first became involved with Living Values through our non-profit Indonesian foundation, Karuna Bali. We established this foundation three years ago and it is now successfully providing a range of tertiary education programs to high potential Indonesian students. The success of Karuna Bali in working with schools and the community led to KBF appointment as the Living Values Associate for Indonesia.

It was our own involvement with Living Values Education and our connections with senior Living Values' administrators that led to our appointment in mid 2009 as National Focal Point /coordinator of Living Values in Australia.

While Living Values is valuable in the education of children, everyone, no matter what age, can benefit from awakening to these most intrinsic of human Values. When these 12 core Values Peace. Respect, Love, Tolerance, Cooperation, Simplicity, Responsibility, Happiness, Honesty, Humility, Freedom, Unity are applied in to day-to-day life — in families, relationship, business or social circumstances — an immediate change occurs — a shift in behaviour patterns that centres around respect for one another, in expressions of kindness, in the taking of responsibility, in becoming honest in what we say and do and becoming more willing to co-operate with one another.

The Living Values program is firmly established in eighty countries with outstanding results. The simplicity and openness of the program allows it to address contemporary social issues, particularly in providing a sense of meaning and purpose to our lives and relationships.

Our desire and passion and indeed, our opportunity through the awareness and unique delivery of Living Values Education, is to revitalize the broad spectrum of the Australian community to once again live from these essential Values.

While the challenge and magnitude of the Australian rollout is enormous, our experience has been that the adoption in communities is quick. Taking a regional approach the program becomes infectious and self-perpetuating with some initial support and guidance.

Financial support is required to communicate the Living Values message and to establish trained facilitators for every facet of the community. While the International LVE organization based in Geneva, Switzerland receives some financial support, the individual countries find it difficult to raise funding.

Our primary aim is to create and maintain 35 active Facilitators around Australia who will take these programs out to the groups in their communities – to schools, families, social welfare groups, business and individuals. This year we are running continuous workshops to train and accredit Facilitators in Living Values Education major locations around the country.

Option A. Regional Partnership role: We estimate a requirement of $5,000 annually is realistically required to promote LVE and bring it to awareness of the community in each State. Thereafter the regional organization should be self sufficient relying on donations and payments for the workshops and training programs to fund the ongoing activities.

Option B. National Partner role: We estimate a requirement of $35,000 in total is realistically required to promote LVE and bring it to awareness of the community in Australia. (see breakdown under Funding below). Thereafter the national organization should be self sufficient relying on a percentage of the income derived from workshops and training programs.

What we can offer you: Imagine for one moment the impact on your own organisation if each person in lived from these 12 core Values in their daily life. I know you would acknowledge that the result could not be less than astounding. We would therefore be delighted to work with your people to allow them to introduce these values to your clients and we would be delighted to train employees to become LVE facilitators. Identification on LVE Australia brochures and literature and advertising.

You can view our business plan and we look forward to discussing the possibility of your involvement in this life changing program that reaches into every aspect of the community. Together, we would have a real opportunity to make a significant difference to the Australian people.

Kind Regards,

Raj Miles, Suzanne Stallard
Australian Focal Point / National Co-coordinators
Member, Association for Living Values Education International, (ALIVE)


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