Distance Study Course

The Work book with relative activities for the 12 Values.  Your opportunity is to participate as if you were in a workshop with others which of course you are!  Enjoy, have fun exploring your relationship and expanding the self discovery of Life's primary guiding principles.

Personal Journal

This personal Journal a 97 page book will help you record each of the Activities and give you something to look back on.

Audio File #1

The following files are audio files to accompany the Home Study Values modules ...

#1    Introduction to Values"

Audio File #2

Audio file  #2     "Peace"

Audio File #3

Audion File #3 ...."Love"

Audio File #4

Audio File #4     "Humility"

Audio File #5

Audio File #5     "Happiness"

Audio File #6

Audio File #6    Simplicity


This file invites you to consider forming a Study Group to explore Values together.  It is a lot of fun and very interactive for friends, community groups, or as a school classroom activity with students of all ages from intermediate to high school teenagers.


The following file provides an overview of  "Guidelines for an Effective Group".

Values Study Modules

This is the complete Values Modules. 

You may like to ensure via email that everyone has a copy of their own which they can print off..

You may also like to email them the Personal Journal above to print which they will require to participate in the Study Gorup activities each week.

Please DOWNLOAD the Audio files 1-6 above to complement your group activities at the appropriate time. You will require a laptop with adequate speakers so everyone can hear.

Each week following the Value Activities you will offer the questions (last page) for that Value and ask your participants to consider the questions each day until your next meeting. this will help to bed the Values into the awareness and reveal the areas where more attention neeeds to be placed.

Values Group Guidelines

This explains all the do's and don't's for effective and successful groups of people of all ages.


This invitation will explain all you need to get started. 

We suggest that initially you undertake the first Download - Home Study Course and see if this works for you, if you would like to join the hundreds of LVE facilitors in over 40 countries.

You will need to Download the Personal Journal, a valuable tool for later when you work with others and also the 6 audio files that are part ofthe Values Modules.

Then establish if there is a Living Values Associate or Focal Point in your country who would be working with you in the Program, if not you may communicate your interest direct with us at :


DFT Application Form

Please fill in and return to your Associate or Focal Point or, if working with us to...


Facilitator Training Guide

This excellent Guide will provide with professional advice and recommendations as to how to be a sucessful facilitator, something quite different from a teacher, in that a facilitator draws out while a teacher puts in. It is not about you knowing information but you bringing out from the participant what is inside them.

You will need to Download the Home Study 12 week program above and audio files. 

Most important is your own participation in the core aspect; the Living in the Values week by week addressing the questions asked of you for each question.




Available year round - register anytime 12 weeks Intensive Activity with mentor support - US$100/AU$135





No Matter Where You Live,

No Matter How Much Time You Have,

No Matter How Much You Would Like To Get Involved,

            you can……



It is 20 years since Living Values Education birthed a new opportunity for people to change their lives, now a new way of being part of that discovery is open to you... allowing you to make a difference in your life and the life of the people around you.

Here is a short introduction about what we're up to ....

LVE DISTANCE programs are now offering three facets available to anyone in the world:

1.  Independent Study Program for families and individuals to do at home - with or without certification depending on degree of interaction with the Associate/Focal Point. We provide via Download from the website or via email, the full Study program incl. audio files and accompanying Journal at no cost. A print version may be also available with cost to cover print (approx $50) and postage. Monitoring, mentoring also available.

2.  A Study Group Program - for those who might want to use the Study program in community or workplace environment, this is also ideal for implementation in the class room, wherever group of people come together. "Managing a Study Group" instructions are provided. Materials provided as above.

3. Facilitator Training Program is designed to allow individuals who would like to have a role of sharing Living Values with others comes with Certification equal to that of those who attend the normal five, 3 day workshops.  There is a requirement for at least attendance at one 5 day combination workshop and Train the Trainer session after undertaking the Study and Facilitator program.  There is considerable electronic interaction with the Focal Point throughout the 12 week program.

One of our new Facilitators who trialed the Facilitator Training Program in Australia, Denise Shaw shares

....."Most of my life I have spent supporting many people through their own hurdles in life, often ignoring my own. In addition to nursing and family life, I set up and ran a spiritual church/centre for over four years and continued for many years after this helping others through many healing modalities, teaching meditations and healing and doing multiple amazing journeys from  art, spiritual adventures, and following everything I could to grow in knowledge. Just looking for something!

I became aware of a huge empty space within me, no journey I had taken had filled this space permanently, all just for filling an interest or short lived excitement. There was no depth  to it. I attended a Living Values introduction session a few years ago and decided I wanted more, a closer more in-depth look than a weekend workshop would give me. So I embarked on a three month in depth look into myself doing the distance learning package as well as a few weekend workshops.  

I was not expecting this would make the huge difference in my life that it has. The material forced to look at myself, all of me,  my hurdles, pain, grief, fears and blocks. I soon discovered what values were the hardest for me...anything to do with me!!

I completed the course and wanted to help others gain what I had gained and became a facilitator. This was a very valuable experience for me I found so much inside of me I had not healed and by doing so my fears lessened I grew a new understanding and compassion for myself. Something I previously only had for others.  My fear of being judged was challenged; I won and chains around me were broken. My journey continues every moment.

I have a renewed vigor for helping others now. What I love about living values is you are supported to discover yourself and your potential. You are not told or taught what you should do but are supported while you unfold what is inside of you as deeply as you want to.

I am further humbled to know I am the first person world-wide to engage this program on a full time basis by distance learning. And have been told my feedback on this has been valuable to the program. I found I engaged the program deeply and emotionally on a long term continuous basis by the distance program discovering hidden happiness and desires in myself."


How can I know if this is something worthy of my time?

For each of the Values, we offer you a few choice questions which only you will know if they are meaningful for you in your life.  Our recommendation is for you to experiment, each day for 12 days just asking yourself these simple and yet evoking questions twice a day at least, in the morning and again in the evening for each Value. 

New Value each Sunday - and think about, feel into what this Value means to you…can you see how by living in those Values through the questions asked of yourself provide you with the potential to evolve into a new person with a whole new perspective in your life?  This program provides the opportunity for us to change you in so many ways.

Remember this is just a small experiment, once you begin any one of the Programs you will be asked to Live in Each Value for a week, its revealing and challenging..

Go ONLINE at www.livingvaluesselfreflection.net


Honesty:  Do I look for loopholes in order to avoid expressing my truth?  Do I expect others to be honest with me when I am not honest with them?  Am I willing to be honest even though I may be adversely affected by the outcome?  Am I truthful with myself, my relationships and my environment?  Am I willing to accept I may be wrong?

Happiness:  What is my state of contentment – of general wellness, health, harmony, and connection?  How cheerfully do I take on my duties? Is happiness a way of life and inner state of being for me?….or is it a static place that is enjoyable momentarily, but that can easily be lost?

Cooperation:  How willingly do I work with the conditions I am presented with?   Do I welcome the ideas and preferences of others?  Do I like to do things myself, my way?  Can I compromise willingly?  Can I go without sometimes?  Do I recognise the inter-dependence of all things?  Do I need to be independent?  Can I accept help from others, whether I want it or not?

Freedom:  Do I feel freedom to be as I am ...to abide in knowing that I exist and I am of worth?  How often do I feel free from mind-noise; from self-judgement and criticism; from complication and confusion?  Do I feel trapped in my relationship, in my work, or do I know I have the freedom to make another choice?

Simplicity:  To what degree do I accept the present moment – what life is offering me now? Do I accept my life situation with willing ease or do I create struggle?  Do I accumulate things, knowledge, people, and acquaintances?  Do I trust that I have what I need?  Do I respect simplicity or do I seek complexity?  Am I often caught up in shoulds and self-judgement.

Unity:  Am I feeling whole, connected to life around me, to opportunity, or do I feel separation and isolation?  How aligned are my heart, my head and my actions?  Can I see myself as part of the greater community, or do I hold myself apart in some way?

Love:  How am I motivated in my actions by Love?  When do I feel pure unconditional love?  How do I express my love toward myself and others….how openly and honestly?  How willing am I to express my love toward all those around me?

Peace:  Can I hold my simplicity and keep still in myself even when external circumstances erupt into chaos?  Do I create a peaceful atmosphere?  Do I know the feeling of peace?  Is it for me a lasting or transient feeling?  Is it a feeling, or is it for me a state of being?

Respect:  Do I honour the worth of others and self in my day to day interactions?  Do I honour what I have with gratitude? How do I personally honour my life and all life forms?

Tolerance:  Where am I intolerant of others or circumstances?  Where am I intolerant of myself?  Where is my threshold?  What conditions support my tolerance, Is my tolerance limited by other stronger feelings such as resentment and fear, or can I knowingly acknowledge another’s worth and need to exist regardless of that which I don’t like or understand?  If someone or some condition is harmful to me, can I discern it, and do I find ways to care for myself in order to restore my tolerance?

Responsibility:  Do I like responsibility or avoid responsibility?  To what extent am I responsible for myself?  To what extent do I expect others to meet my needs?  Do I blame external circumstance when things go wrong?  Do I accept and take responsible action to make the best of a situation?

Humility:    How often am I willing to be present to my vulnerability; to my discomfort? How often do I respond in defence?  Do I ask for help from others?  Can I ask another for forgiveness?  Can I forgive myself?  Do I trust that life will present me with the challenges and opportunities that I truly need, or do I resist what I have and complain about how things could be different?  Do I accept the consequences of my actions in a spirit of self-empathy and learning, or do I judge harshly myself and others?


Now what...?  If that part was thought and emotion provoking you are probably going to get a lot out of playing with and engaging Living Values for the period of the 12 weeks Course. 

Have a look at the Home Study options and tell us where your interest lies. Our email address,the easiest way to contact us: distance@livingvalues.com.au - let's us help get you started. 

This aspect is an integral part of the 12 Week Distance Facilitaor Training Programme providing LVE Dstance Certification. 

(Rego fee applies).





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