You can become a certificated Living Values Educator by taking the 12 week personal development course anywhere in Australia.  For further details to join this organisation throught LVE Facilitation in Australia, call National Coordinator - Raj Miles or Suzanne Stallard - 07 4169 0301

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When a consensus of agreement confirms that the world has lost its values,
it is time to look at what I value in my life.


Living Values Facilitator Distance Training (DFT)

 Full details and Registration: Raj or Suzanne; 07 4169 0301 email: admin@livingvalues.com.au


•    Helping others help themselves is the one of the most rewarding gifts we can give to ourselves. 

•    Living Values offers a service oriented vocation that provides income within a structured, respected, internationally recognized organization that is already delivering amazing results in many nations worldwide.

•   As a Living Values Distance facilitator you become a member of a global family several hundred  strong working together for a better world.

•   Living Values is an interactive program.  There is no prior teaching requirement as we are facilitators helping others to discover the Values within themselves.  It is simple, straight forward with all the materials provided with a full training program.


Under the Membership Regulations for Focal Points and Associates of LIVING VALUES EDUCATION certain criteria are to be maintained. These Regulations are available in full on request.

The following criteria for Facilitators are laid down by LVE Australia based on the regulations which this Focal Point must abide by under the Agreement with ASSOCIATION for LIVING VALUES EDUCATION (ALIVE).

The Responsibility of the Focal Point is defined as:

•    To extend the awareness for LVEP activities and workshops in Australia.

•    To maintain and deliver a national marketing focus and message.

•    To maintain regular communication and sharing of direction with, and provide such support as      required by our facilitators.

•    To only accredit suitable facilitatosr for the LV role for representing LVE.

•    To ensure the appropriate quality of representation of LVEP.

•    Where required to administer the receipt of funds, make payments relating to the workshop expenses i.e. venues, advertising, catering (if required) incl. re imbursement to the facilitator for out of pocket expenses etc.,

•    To provide detailed the accounting, annual activity reports to ALIVE under the Agreement.

The Facilitator acknowledges agreement that:

•    Accredited Distance facilitators only may participate in that role in LVE workshops. The exception is where training for facilitator’s status requires the role of co- facilitator.

•    Co-facilitation may only done under guidance of an accredited facilitator.

•    Accreditation are at the discretion of the Focal Point. Defined below as at 1st July 2009 and subject to change without notification.

•    Active in the role: One of the requirements of LVE accreditation is that facilitators are required to be active and to have presented at least one workshop or significant activity in each 12 month period.

•    AGM Attendance annually:  In keeping with the spirit of the Australian LVE family, all facilitators are requested to attend the annual general meeting of LVE Australia to allow for updates, interaction, input and team building.  

•    Use of LVE or ALIVE name and logo, material and other references to LVE or any other aspects of Living Values Education are not permitted for use except where the facilitation is being undertaken in connection with, or under management of, the Focal Point.

-    Facilitators may create their own LVE activities with a specific theme and offer to a defined market segment subject to first receiving approval from the Focal Point who will assist in promotion and act in its designated coordinating administrative function in support of the facilitator.

-    A particular facilitator may be requested by a participant or organizer of a LVE workshop and wherever possible that facilitator subject to availability, will be directed to that workshop.

-    Facilitators are encouraged to actively market LVE activities, to find their own study groups and to motivate participants to stay with LVE through the required number of workshops to become facilitators thus keeping the flow moving. If they do this they will have guaranteed work.

•    Volunteerism: Facilitators are encouraged to offer their services on a Volunteerism basis.  The original intent behind Living Values Education globally is that it be made available through volunteerism on the part of the facilitators specially for the training of LVE facilitators and LVE educators and facilitators who will be teaching LVE to students at schools, refugee camps, street children, etc. Naturally we are delighted if you can work on this basis to offer your services to educational groups, those who are financially challenged etc.

•    Reimbursement of Expenses: At completion of each workshop the facilitator is required to provide a detail of expenses incurred relative to the LVE workshop to the Focal Point within 48 hours for reimbursement. Expenses after this will not be accepted unless by prior arrangement. Reimbursement of costs and payment is made to the facilitator within seven days.

•    Remuneration for the Facilitator:  We all recognize that in Australia we have also the opportunity to offer LVEP to the wider community and provide a quality service to business and other groups that have the ability and willingness to pay for creating change in their lives.   We also realize that income is important to many who have a desire to use their skills to assist others and who would be more readily available if by doing so they were more able to support themselves.  

•    Income Earning:  It is our intention to keep this as simple as possible while adhering to the Focal Point Agreement as part of ALIVE.  To this end Living Values Australia financial format will allow accredited facilitators to undertake activities in two ways.  

•    Activity Option A.  As per the original breakdown with the Focal Point undertaking all organization, money collection of an event on behalf of/or in conjunction with a facilitator who would receive expenses plus 25% remuneration of income or donation generated or….
•    Activity Option B.  Whereby the facilitator manages the entire activity and takes responsibility for collection of income or donation generated in which case 10% of the income shall be paid to the Focal Point as a contribution towards the national marketing effort.

•    Reporting:  All activity options do require that following LVE any activity undertaken and promoted as a LIVING VALUES activity in the community – income earning, promotional or educational, a attendance report is to be submitted. For this please use the simple report form provided on the Facilitator Access page on website.  This reporting mechanism will allow us to keep in touch and provide you with national support and heightens awareness nationally.  It also contributes to the regular activity reports for ALIVE international and allows us to update the national website pages on the International LVE website.  Obviously supporting photos are very much appreciated.

•    Promotion:  In both of these you – as the facilitator, are required to advise the LVE Australia the dates, times and nature of the activity being undertaken as far in advance as possible so that promotion may be provided in support of your activity and of course, to maximise your efforts on both the website and in the national newsletter.

•    Use of Logo and Name:  Use of Living Values Education name excluding any reference to that organisation being supported by ALIVE or UNESCO.  The name and logo are not to used when combining individual LVE activities with other spiritual or self development programs.

-    Facilitator Agreement:  Facilitators who have now passed through the TTT (Train the Trainer) workshop and been accepted for accreditation are required to sign the Facilitator Agreement before being able to proceed with in the role.  

-    Suspension of Accreditation: Under the Agreement with ALIVE the Focal Point accepts responsibility of keeping themselves informed as to the performance of accredited personnel and ensuring that they continue to merit such accreditation and maintain their good standing. If it is no longer appropriate for them to be accredited, whether because of lapse of time, inappropriate conduct or course content, or otherwise, Associates may, and shall, suspend or withdraw such accreditation.

•    Financial Support for Living Values Australia: If you know, or discover any grants, sponsorship programs that you feel could be applicable for LVE activities we can make the application your behalf.  

    Promotional Support for Living Values Australia: If you are inclined to write about your thoughts, share your experiences with LVE activities we would be pleased to submit them to magazines, newspapers and email data bases that are supportive of our efforts to bring Values to Australia.

LVE Distance Facilitator Certificate

Online programme with mentor for 12 consecutive weeks with Study Group practicka exoperience and LVE activities and DFT documentation.

LVE Facilitator Certificate

No previous teaching, facilitation, therapy or workshop experience:
Total of 72 hours
eg.3 LVE workshop programs + one LVE as co-facilitator.


LVE Trainer Certificate

+ then subject to evaluation the candidate may undertake the two day Train the Trainer TTT workshop 16 hours

Previous teaching, facilitation, therapy or workshop experience:
Total of 96 hours
eg.3 LVE workshop programs + one LVE as co-facilitator + then subject to evaluation the candidate may undertake the two day Train the Trainer TTT workshop




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