Starting Your Own Study Group:

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LOGO1.jpgThe benefit from exploring these Values together is the wonderful transformation you witness that occurs when people acknowledge and are empowered by their Values and begin to live their lives through them. 

By sharing with one another we grow much quicker and the interactive nature of the Program takes on a whole new dimension.  

When each of us becomes willing to be the extension of the Living Values and are willing to demonstrate that to others we provide the example for them to change their way of seeing their world.  This is particularity obvious in family dynamics.

The very best way to come to fully embrace and bring this material into your life is to share. 

You can offer a ‘closed circle’ for a special set of family or friends or you can be bold and offer an ‘open circle’ to a wider group of people in your community.  Whether you offer a group in your home on a casual basis or develop a more active role in your community you are providing you the ‘Gift of Service’ that opens doorways for the soul to pass through. 

If in the wider community we feel it is important to create awareness for your group through a professional representation of the Living Values Study Course – defining the purpose, benefits and group interaction.  To help with this we can offer a "How to Manage Your Study Group" overview for group leaders to use.  Details of this can be obtained from contacting

In addition, recognise that to bring a group together will involve some dedicated talking to friends and promotion through word of mouth and email lists and contacts.  However, once a core group is established the group will grow.

If you choose to entertain the Study Group concept – you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

We have much experience on how to set up and manage a small group gathering on a regular basis and we are pleased to supply the information and guidelines that have proven successful in the past. 

Regardless of where you live, your group and its development are important to us.  While there is no teacher or teaching required for Living Values there are some recommended ways of successfully running your group.  Of course, also the extra activities that you include and the changes that you experience are all of interest to us and we always enjoy the communication.

For more information about communication skills, running a successful group, and the personal/spiritual development needed to maintain a group, feel free to contact:

 Raj or Suzanne at




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