When we start to consider participating in a workshop - particularly if it is an investment in time for several days everyone would like to know what happens, how the days are structured, what the benefits are and what will the flow-on will be in terms of changing their lives. This might help clarify what you can expect…

Probably unlike most workshops you have attended, this one is not for the head. The LVEP premise is that Living Values are already seeded inside of us - usually quite dormant, sometimes completely obscured by past experiences, negative memories and activity since childhood. No one can be taught Living Values nor can they be learned, they can only emerge as we embrace them. They are essentially the foundation on which we base and from which, we live our lives.

Therefore don't expect to sit and listen to a dissemination of information. It can't be found there. Don't expect a teacher and certainly not a 'guru' who will impart the 'good news'. It's not found there either. There is no imparting of spiritual beliefs or religious dogma, BUT there is the re-awakening to the key values common to all humanity.

The role of the LVE Facilitator is to create the context whereby we each discover for ourselves our own Values through our own experience, playful activity, one on one and in group interaction, or through creative expression, allowing us to explore our actions and our reactions and learned patterns and give us the tools for how to change or develop them.

Each of the three days is divided into segments relative to awareness of specific values, creating a values based atmosphere in the home, the workplace, the home environment, active listening, conflict resolution, evaluation etc.,

This program is so perfect, for the Prime Minister, the social welfare worker, the police sergeant and the school teacher and especially for Mum and Dad who are in relationship with the daily changing dynamic of growing children exploring their own values.

The program was designed by some of the world's leading educationists, created with children and young adults in mind. For the 'grown up' adult it reaches the 'child within' to awaken that dynamic most of us have shut down and no matter who we have become, how old or, how 'evolved' still clamours for attention and determines many of our actions and reactions, depending on it's values. Often it is the hidden source that creates difficulties for us in our lives. LVE offers the opportunity to set this 'little one' free so that we start to live from a place of wholeness and clear values where we then attract a new potential and a new world along with it.

Life is not complicated, it begins with the willingness to open to these twelve universal core Values. I am sure that you can imagine the potential for you and in those around you if life was lived fully experiencing environments and communities that upheld these qualities in every moment…


And there is in truth, nothing to do but just allow the workshop to unfold you, to embrace every activity with playfulness and openness and to join in willingness with your new friends. The results speak for themselves. Yes, there may be some emotional disturbance as the values start to nudge their way back to the surface of your life, there will certainly be a lot of laughter (in fact, it was difficult to find photos where people were not laughing for the photo gallery) and if 8,000 schools, businesses and communities in 80 countries around the world have chosen to embrace Living Values in their way of life, then something must be very right with this program.

We look forward to sharing this adventure with you.


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