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There can be no doubt from our local media, community reports and conversations around dinner tables that most Australian communities are struggling with a sense of loss of values.  Road rage, alcoholism, family disputes, disrespect by children at school, race intolerance, bullying and disharmony are rife.  Add to this the declining loss of common values, the ever increasing arrival of new residents from all nationalities and we have a recipe for extensive future intolerance, further disharmony and increasing unhappiness and suffering. 

Yet it doesn't have to be this way.

Could we all agree that if the youth in a community would come together with a new vision - to bring Values Awareness to the community that everyone would benefit?  

Just for one moment IMAGINE the impact on school behavior, on family life, in our relationships, on local business and our overall wellbeing if these twelve primary values were fully embraced and became the benchmark by which the young people of the community lived their lives and treated one another.


In 1996 Living Values Education, a global undertaking historically supported by UNESCO was launched with the aim of reviving human values.  It is now in 42 countries, it is active in many sites worldwide, reshaping the values culture in many schools and making a significant difference in the lives of those it touches.  Living Values is effectively creating change in police training, areas where there is community conflict, helping street children, helping in war and disaster zones, complimenting drug and prostitution rehabilitation and education in regular communities throughout the world.  This reflects the unique capability of Living Values Education to be adapted to suit all ages and diversity of situations.

"The thing that makes Living Values different to every other approach to human development is that it is not a teaching.
It does not rest fundamentally on ideas or in ideals...It offers the notion of what might be embodied in a Value, but it totally acknowledges that these qualities a
re beyond words or ideas, they are innate in the heart and soul of every man, woman and child and the journey to their fully lived expression comes through 'feeling'.
Consequently they cannot be extended, only revealed.
  They cannot be contained in philosophy or doctrine, espoused by gurus, or extended through religion. They are already yours.
Every individual expresses and knows them in their own unique way. That is why this Program is such a refreshing experience. It is about you.  It enables you to tak
e time for yourself to discover the Truth of you.  The beauty you have inside you, revealing what you already know. Bringing it to the light of your own conscious awareness to enable you to live and extend it in totality.
And the lived expression of these
Values changes everything... "


Many schools already have some commitment to and recognition for the benefits of Values awareness.  What if these were to become a greater priority focus in your school?

Unfortunately a 'soft' promotion extolling the virtues of living in Respect, Peace and Tolerance etc., through in-school promotion and signage as reminders can only go so far and does not provide the 'lived' experience that could turn the tide of collective student behavior and bring about a creative force for change in the community.

Values much like good food must be 'tasted' to be recognized.  Values have to be felt at an individual level.  We have to create a means of providing a 'hands on' opportunity for students themselves to feel the difference.  This requires personal interaction and personal involvement. 

Externally created programs and school imposed Values projects however noteworthy are a management headache and will never receive the degree of acceptance required to create lasting and desired change. 

We believe that success depends not in imposing yet another project on the teaching faculty but from directly engaging the student body with the opportunity - 'Students Creating Change'. 

*      Step one:  Identify individual students recognised by the teachers as ones who command respect or are identified by their peers as being leaders with understanding and willingness to be responsible, honest and trustworthy. 

*      Step two:  Offer a personal invitation to these exemplary students - the natural leaders and mentors to become a cohesive force for Values Awareness participating in a dedicated team of motivated young people who would be willing to 'roll out' a student-wide Values Awareness program

*      Step three:  We train this team to be fully certificated Living Values facilitators. The personal benefit is enormous and life changing - through the Living Values workshop education process, leadership and effective communication skills are realized, confidence and self worth is released from within the individual as each participant recognises that their future lies in their own hands.  This personal shift is tangible and lasting.  

*      Step four:  The in-school Living Values team would provide a regular series of ongoing activities, interactive support and workshops for other students Living Values Australia assists the collective and individual facilitators to design appropriate programs for workshops or study groups to suit the practical requirements of the students, relative to time and facilities.  Living Values maintains contact with the team, monitoring progress.  The process and changes will be evaluated and documented.

Young people who embrace the concepts offered through Living Values Education will discover the change within themselves, in their personal lives and their families; recognize that they are in charge of their lives and the truth dawns ...

"As I sow, so shall Ireap'.  

And this recognition changes everything from how I learn, to how I live my life.


For your Living Values team there is no requirement for any teaching skills or special knowledge. This program is based on highly interactive, practical and very simple activities, each of which focus the participant's attention on the Value and the qualities of that aspect within themselves.  The only skill required is the willingness to facilitate the program allowing each participant the opportunity to experience their own connection.To become a competent Living Values facilitator requires five workshops - a commitment of four weekends and two days. This usually takes place on Friday evening, all day Sat and Sun However it could be done in any 2 ½ day period.  The trainee facilitator would attend three workshops as a participant and the last as a co-facilitator presenting certain activities and the final step is a two day Living Values 'Train the Trainer' workshop which provides accreditation.

As the workshops are highly interactive, they are usually limited to 12 -14 people.  There is no requirement for participants to have any special intellectual skills or education, which is why the LVE experience is so successful with people of all ages and the complete cross section of the community from the aged to the very young.  No one leaves feeling inadequate, that they didn't understand or that they do not have self worth. They leave empowered because they have found the values within themselves. 


Implementation of this program could be put in place to begin immediately.  


We can entertain the concept of one high school and one primary school in this area at no cost to either the students or the school at this time.  In support of this investment we would require: 1. From the School: 
Commitment of personal interest and support by the Principal and deputy Principal.
Support of the teaching faculty for the team's activities.
Assistance from the school administration.
2.  From the Student:
For training and accreditation allocate four 21/2 day weekends and two days to Train the Trainer.
Complete personal commitment and integrity to living in the values.
Commitment to individually or collectively undertake the Home Study Program within three months.
Complete commitment to the Living Values team.
3.  From the Parent:
Full written agreement to and support of the student's participation. 


The implementation of a program such as this that empowers and utilises students as facilitators might well be a first in Australia - it represents an exciting and major school initiative to change the nature of a student body from within, and would eventually impact the families and community in a flow on effect.

Your school could become the wellspring from which a self sustaining momentum begins demonstrating the concept to kindergartens, primary and high schools, aged care facilities and local social services in your community

What we do know is that wherever Living Values is embraced it draws people together in a common bond and understanding.

The process doesn't have to take much time.  This creation of 'living' models does not cost any one anything.  Living Values will sponsor the program in a desire to establish a new way for students to discover Values for themselves and to create a model that will work in many locations.







Values Awareness has the potential to put all people in the community back on equal footing with common goals and common Values.  We would enthusiastically support this venture and make it happen in conjunction with your school, and we welcome any suggestions or queries that you may have.


Roger Miles and Suzanne Stallard, Living Values Australia  

National Coordinators    07 4169 0301 / 0413 305 524


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