This not-for-profit program is part of the global movement for a culture of peace in the framework of the United Nations International for a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence for Children of the world. Living Values is being implemented in 60 countries.

About the Organization

The implementation of Living Values Education is facilitated by the Association for Living Values Education International (ALIVE), a non-profit-making association of organizations around the world concerned with values education.

LIVING VALUES is structured and designed with the education of all people in mind. Everyone, no matter what age can benefit from the awakening of the Values. There is also no doubt that these Values when applied in personal life, in families, in relationship, business or social circumstances that an IMMEDIATE change – a shift occurs. This shift is most noticeable in behavior patterns around respect for one another, in expressions of kindness, in the taking of responsibility, in becoming honest in what we say and do and being willing to co-operate with one another.

Focal Point and National Coordinators Raj Miles and Suzanne Stallard welcome you to Living Values Australia.

"This website is specifically for the Living Values family in Australia. We are already seeing how Living Values impacts directly the quality of the lives of the facilitators and through them their immediate families and then to the wider community. Right now Australia's goal is to create a regional structure throughout our country. From our experience these Values, when applied in personal life — in families, relationship, business or social circumstances create an IMMEDIATE change — a shift occurs which is most noticeable in behavior patterns that centers around respect for one another. Perhaps you are looking for a new vocation — a way to serve? Being a Living Values Facilitator offers that opportunity and a chance to enjoy an income while helping others. You can making a lasting difference to your own life and those around you as part of this UNESCO historiaclly endorsed program.  If we truly want to make this a 'better world' what more could we ask? "

The purpose of this website then is to provide the Latest News, Activities, Workshop schedules and Facilitator Training schedules in our country. In addition to latest local information, it also has a 'blog' section for participants and workshop facilitators to make comments, share experiences and ask questions of others. 

We have chosen our 'blog site' under Raj location  to provide news on what we are calling New Direction which is a bit more about our own journey within the Values and personal growth aspect of our lives.

It is highly recommended that newcomers to LIVING VALUES go to — the official international site that provides all manner of information pertaining to the organisation and most importantly, all the materials that are used in the training and workshops.


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