Kondalilla Weekend Living Values Retreat 2018
“The Simplicity of Great Schools”


attn: Principals, Teachers, School admininistrators.

LIVING VALUES – A Global Initiative In 35 Countries.

Many schools already have some commitment to and recognition for the benefits of Values awareness. What if these were to become a greater priority focus in your school? What if it all could be managed by the students? Our Values based Education is a "Way of Living", and it is not confined to the school, it brings the awareness of Values to the fore in each person's life and can all be brought about by your students. Over this weekend you can experience the concept, and together with us build the Values model for your school to become a Living Values Accredited school.

Call Living Values Australia 07 4169 0301 or email raj@livingvalues.com.au for full details of this 12 person limited attendance two day get away Retreat at Kondalilla, Qld. Partners welcome. Let us share our vision for your school.


"Students Creating Change"

Many schools already have some commitment to and recognition for the benefits of Values awareness. What if these were to become a greater priority focus in your school?

Unfortunately a 'soft' promotion extolling the virtues of living in Respect, Peace and Tolerance etc., through in-school promotion and signage as reminders can only go so far and does not provide the 'lived' experience that could turn the tide of collective student behavior and bring about a creative force for change in the community.

Values much like good food must be 'tasted' to be recognized. Values have to be felt and demonstrated at an individual level. We have to create a means of providing a 'hands on' opportunity for students themselves to feel the difference. This requires personal interaction and personal involvement.

Externally created programs and school imposed Values projects however noteworthy are a management headache and practical impediment to teachers with a priority to curriculum delivery and with these constraints will never receive the degree of acceptance required to

create lasting and desired change.

We believe that success depends not in imposing yet another project on the teaching faculty but from directly engaging the student body with the opportunity - "Students Creating Change".

This Kondalilla weekend is given over to exploring the Simplicity of Great Schools. At conclusion, you will be able to make an informed decision that could really bring a whole new approach for your school learning and behavioral environment, your faculty and your students, yes, even your personal lives.

Through using the very different approach of Living Values and by sharing this fun weekend, I look forward to developing a new perspective with you and for you.

Kind Regards,

Roger Miles (Raj)
National Coordinator, Living Values Australia.

Living Values is a non-profit association of educators from around the world.
It is sponsored by a wide variety of organizations, institutions and individuals and being implemented in 35 countries.

Kondalilla Weekend Living Values Retreat
“The Simplicity of Great Schools”

The Details:

Our weekend begins on Friday evening at 6pm, a get together, something light to eat and an introduction to how your weekend will evolve. Saturday and Sunday, after breakfast (provided) we gather at 9.30am in the meeting space at Kondalilla and engage the process.

Our closing Saturday will be around 4.30pm, plenty of time to relax and enjoy the company and later explore the many choices of dining afforded by Maleny’s many great restaurants (own cost).

Sunday we will finish at 4.30pm. A light lunch is provided both days,

Don’t expect anything formal, dress comfortably, it’s a weekend after all and there is no one to impress, certainly not deep in this rain forest environment, or any expectation of you. You need bring nothing, well, except good humour, and a willingness to be open and enjoy exploring a different perspective.

You will take home something that you have found for yourself. This is not a lecture, not a teaching; we are all in this together, so let’s relax from the working week and have fun.

Bring a partner - and while you are busy playing with Living Values, they will have fun exploring this beautiful area.

Your accommodation is in the chalets of Kondalilla Eco Resort in Flaxton on the Blackall range only 1.5 hours drive north of Brisbane city. Set in amongst 20 acres of magnificent Sunshine Coast Hinterland rainforest, this authentic retreat away from city life allows you time to experience nature adjacent to Kondalilla National Park, a large natural rainforest reserve hosting the famous Kondalilla Falls, the resort is abundant with natural bush lands and wildlife.

Information about the Resort check out the website https://kondalillaecoresort.com

Date: August 2018

Package price for two - $750 with one person attending Living Values and your partner staying at staying at the Resort

Included in the weekend:

  • 12 person limited attendance
  • Per person - Living Values “The Simplicity of Great Schools”, if you both want to attend add $250.
  • Two and half day activities, mid morning & afternoon refreshment, light lunches both days.
  • Accommodation: two nights Friday and Saturday – single, twin or double share.
  • Friday night welcome get together/buffet dinner. Continental breakfast: Saturday and Sunday.

How to Book:


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