While this can be applied to any organisation our ‘rollout’ to support your culture change might read like this example if you were an organisation in the business of providing care to young people….

Meeting your needs

This is a proposal to provide a service to further empower an organisation to continue to provide exceptional growth in developing pro-active initiatives in caring for young people.

We believe there is a benefit to the organisation to develop a Values Based Culture to be able to deal with day-to-day operational matters in a more cohesive and effective manner, through a dedicated environment of respectfulness, integrity, responsibility and tolerance, to provide peaceful and responsible relationships between the business and the management team, filtering through to the caregiver and the client.

Program Outline

The aspects of this program are structured to provide management and the team with concepts that assist them in meeting the care giving and business demands in an ethical environment which fosters, but is not necessarily limited to the twelve essential values in the Living Values Education program resulting in:

·         All of the team feeling united in understanding and contributing effectively to the Living Values culture environment.

·         Effective communication at all levels.

·         Improved working relationships.

·         Increased self-responsibility towards business and care process outcomes.

The structure of the program allows for a flexible and customized approach allowing local issues to be addressed as required and necessary.

We would be able to begin the implementation of the program as soon as you are ready, the impact should start to become apparent immediately. 

About Living Values

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) underpins the Psychological wellness of every person.

The thing that makes Living Values different to every other approach to human development is that it is not a teaching, nor does it rest fundamentally on ideas or in ideals....

It offers the notion of what might be embodied in a Value, but it totally acknowledges that these qualities are beyond words or ideas, they are innate in the heart and soul of every man, woman and child and the journey to their fully lived expression comes through 'feeling'.
We acknowledge that they cannot be taught; only revealed.

They cannot be contained in philosophy or doctrine, transferred by gurus, or extended through religion.  They are already ours.  And the fully lived expression of them comes through feeling.  Every individual expresses and knows them in their own unique way.

That is why this Program is such a refreshing experience.  It is about the individual, it is about you, it is about each person.  It enables each one of us the opportunity to discover the Truth of ourselves, for ourselves, thus bringing our inherent qualities to conscious awareness and enhancing our Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

And the lived expression of these Values changes everything.

Culture Change

This proposal is designed for the business orientated organisation that recognizes the potential in refining values based issues within its structure. It provides an effective yet safe process by which both human qualities and performance improvements all of the team can occur.

Living Values Education Program (LVEP) is coordinated by the Association for Living Values Education International, a non religious, not for profit association of educators from around the world. It is supported by UNESCO, sponsored by a wide variety of organizations, institutions and individuals and being implemented worldwide. LVEP is part of the global movement in the framework of the United Nations Decade for a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence for the Children of the World.

Living Values Education programs are active in 65 countries, with some 7,000 plus ‘sites’ using the materials and principles to create positive change. 

Becoming a Living Values site

Living Values activities are open to everyone to use and while any interaction with the programs is of benefit, the highest level is to become a nominated and recognised Living Values ‘Site’ – that is an organisation that embodies the essence of the values education program at all levels of personnel, in all applications and in all working relationships. It is in the context of your organisation becoming a Living Values site that the following proposal is presented.  Our goal is to provide your organisation with a “Site” status and a framework for self perpetuation after six months.

The Organisation Culture Program


·         Sharing the approach whereby management, staff and caregivers are united in a single vision which is rewarding and beneficial for everyone involved.

·         Creating an environment to break new ground in the welfare - professional youth care industry.

·         Providing effective contribution to empowering the lives of the young people that come into your care.

·         Creating a living model.

Our multi phase approach specifically addresses the needs of the Business, the Team and the Individual.

Phase One – On-Site Audit

For management and up to five nominated key team members

This is a review to establish the status of each department and the individuals therein.  The review would take the form of interviews with key team members by Living Values Australia principals – Raj Miles and/or Suzanne Stallard.  The interview would provide an overview of current operating environment to assist in customising the culture change program.

Phase 1 On-site Audit will be completed in one day with one to one interviews and survey / questionnaire requiring approx 45 – 60 minutes per participant made up of management and up to five nominated key team members.

Phase Two - Two day Culture Change Program

For management and key team leaders  

Day One                          9am – 5pm

·         Welcome & Introduction                                                                                        

·         Values Awareness - Living Your Values - Peace

·         Trust – Understanding yourself first, then others – Trusting & Love

·         Your role in communication – Respect

·         The Integrity of the whole team - Honesty & Humility

·         Sharing the dream – Happiness

Day Two                         9am – 5pm

·         Creating a Values Based Atmosphere

·         Working together - Cooperation   

·         Just do it - Responsibility

·         Honouring Individuality - Tolerance

·         Removing road blocks - Simplicity

·         Work as a lifestyle - Freedom

·         The End Result – Unity

Phase Three - Individual Program – ‘bringing values home”

For management and all personnel, and if possible involving our clients    

Values affect our lives every moment. They can be the positive guiding force in all we do and pursue. When our values are in congruence with our actions, we are in harmony.

Living Values Australia employs a unique interactive program to bring all team members together in harmony. This is the self sustaining factor.

A new Value is introduced within the organization every two weeks and becomes the point of focus for everyone during that period.  We suggest this coincide with existing management/staff review meetings.  The Value module is sent by email to all participants/team members together with matching value movies and music suggestions suitable for all participants -including the young people/clients.

This continues until all twelve Values are embraced and after 24 weeks the cycle repeats.

The Value modules may be engaged together in small groups or individually.  It may also be extended to clients who want to create change in their lives and in the lives of those around them.

Three to five activities are included in each module.  The participant chooses one or more activity(s) they would like to do.  All activities are fun and enjoyable having been proven to connect participants to their Values, in use for more than 10 years throughout the world in thousands of different applications.

Values Awareness (taken from the Introduction to the Study Program)

“In each of the modules there will be various activities for you to complete. They are designed to get you thinking about and feeling the various facets of the value. The activities are easy and enjoyable, and the simplicity of the activities encourages you to explore the values in your life to the depth that you choose. Think of the value as an onion; you can peel back a layer, another, or even more, and get to the core of what that value means to you. A Journal is available for you to record your thoughts, ideas, drawings or doodles, and it can be revisited at any time to remind you of what you felt at the time.”

Phase Three - Individual Study Program (email program       




Phase Four – Group Program – ‘maintaining focus’

The Monitoring Process

It is essential that a culture management team be responsible for maintaining momentum without which the energy will dry up. We recommend that a committee be formed within the organization consisting of one person from each house and two from the management key team to ensure that everyone understands and is actively participating in the modules.

These dedicated people hold the vision. They are required to:

a)  Undertake the distribution and monitoring of the Phase Three modules.

b)  Hold regular monthly meetings.

c)  Accept responsible for the unified focus.

At the end of each fortnightly module, seven questions are provided which, when answered demonstrate that the Values have been explored and understood.  Aside from the movies and music the module can easily be completed in, although not limited to, one evening (two hours).

The committee checks the answers and on completion sends them to Living Values Australia for acknowledgement.  On completion of the twelve values each participant receives the Living Values Education Program Study Certificate.

Living Values Australia Commitment to the Advisory Role

Living Values Australia is committed to being part of the successful acknowledgement of the organisation as a Living Values ‘Site’.  To ensure this it is proposed that a principal of LVA attend some of the monthly culture management meeting for a period of six months in an advisory capacity.

Certification and logo will be made available to the organisation after the six month change process is completed and integrated.

Phase Five – Living Values Facilitator Training

Training of key individuals chosen by the CEO to become Living Values Accredited Facilitators.  This is vital to enable the organisation to manage its own internal training, evaluation and self sustainability.

Time commitment:  Three, 2 ½ day Living Values workshops, (following completion of the Phase 2 workshop) and one, 2 day Train-the-Trainer workshop.  

Summary - what you can expect from culture change

·      Life skill options for positive personal results, which last a lifetime.

·      A process of evaluating where you and the team arrive at your destination able to identify what might be getting in the way of achieving any goal in harmony with one another.

·      Tools to assist in approaching life, business and administration challenges.

·      A challenging and enjoyable program, focusing on:

·        Improved communication

·        Better working relationships

·        Increased levels of self-responsibility

·        Positive impact on client relations

Program benefits


·         Increased self-awareness of how you and others think, feel and act.

·         Appreciate and build on your personal strengths.

·         Identify opportunities for personal change in performance and relationships.

·         Gain clarity as to how to build better teams.

·         Understand that through your choices you create the outcomes in your life.

·         The true meaning of ‘success’ in your working life.

·      Unified recognition of the 5 Key Emotions & tools to provide them.

·         Practical methods of reducing frustration     and stress at work.

·         Determine & understand your values.

·         Working with passion.

·         Understand the universal laws of success.

·         How to create a balanced lifestyle.

·         Improved outlook and attitude towards challenges.

·         Increased self-image and confidence.

·         Improved clarity of personal and professional direction.

·         A process to embrace ongoing change in life.


Turning the tide is so important

The world’s greatest problem is that goodness is no longer valued or fashionable; the world’s greatest hope is that we can rebuild our collective belief in goodness.  Our goal as humanity must be to turn the tide of negativity in the World.

The growing trend of Materialism, Ingratitude, Arrogance, Dishonesty, Prejudice, Vandalism, Addiction, Disrespect, Compromise, Aggression, Immorality, Victim mentality, Self indulgence, and Selfishness, are the seeds of the dissolution of human integrity, affecting the wholeness of individual lives, families and community, and are fully visible to anyone who would see. 

Every facet of life that is contaminated with these attitudes is infected with a virus that pollutes outcomes leading to endemic pain - suffering spreads, resources and time are wasted, good intentions and initiatives are undone, families are broken, good people are disheartened, lives are ruined, cynicism is bred in young minds leading to discontent and aggression, dishonesty is normal.

Put simply, goodness is no longer perceived to be worthwhile.


It is time to turn the tide.

Mahatma Gandhi spoke the truth when he told us….

“You must be the change you want to see in the world.”   He also said….


“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”

The Association of Living Values International – ALIVE - is founded on the premise of introducing people to the understanding that they have goodness inside of them, wisdom, kindness and ability to change their lives through finding their Values, leading to a happier and a more harmonious relationship with life and each other.


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