• To have introduced individuals and certificated facilitators for LVE in Australia.
  • To have sites in Australia utilizing the LIVING VALUES EDUCATION PROGRAM.
  • To have a distance program that allows all people to acess LVE in their lives.


DEVELOPMENT — Provide a mechanism whereby we can build the Facilitators cadre/base so that LVE can be extended to the wider Australian regional community.

Require to promote extensively in all States for those individuals who are interested in this work.


  1. Desire to make a difference in the world.
  2. Have a genuine concern for their fellow man.
  3. See not problems to be fixed, but opportunities to do things differently.
  4. Are naturally organized and disciplined in own lives.
  5. Creative thinkers.
  6. Have tenacity and ability to follow through.

Hold regular — twice yearly initially, to quarterly "Train the Trainer" workshops so that those passing through and completing the required LVE workshops can be processed without delay into Facilitator status.

Create annual week long Retreat for Facilitators and other interested parties to gather and share the opportunities, perceived challenges, to check on and improve on the quality of facilitator styles and training methods.


MARKET — Direct awareness campaign to priority key groups who can benefit both personally and professionally from LVE.

Our opportunity lies in being able to impact directly the quality of the lives of the participants and through them to their immediate families and then to the wider community. The ‘entry point’ for the Living Values awareness is wherever anyone interacts with another and through that interaction can change the quality of experience of the other.

The priority groups include

  • Group 1 — Teachers, nurses, police, social welfare workers, counselors and therapists.
  • Group 2 — would-be public interface sales orientated commercial organization — real estate, hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, retail outlets — supermarkets, chain store, sales staff .
  • Group 3 — Local government, aged care specialists, library staff, etc.,
  • Group 4 — Community organisations — Service Club members — Rotary, Lions, etc.,

We will approach the Gold Coast City Council early on for participation by their staff as this will open the door into local community and social services. Also all MPs will be offered the opportunity to come themselves and/or send their support staff.


AWARENESS — Indirect Awareness Campaign — an approach through advertising, media PR, newsletters, flyers, radio talk-shows, public talks — about LVE and the benefits it offers.

In conjunction with one of our national sponsors, Living Now magazine, we make a major approach to individuals throughout Australia who are seeking the role and lifestyle provided by a Facilitator of Living Values workshops in the community.


WORKSHOPS — Provide a regular series of LVE weekend training workshops — minimum once every two months.

The LVE base is on the Gold Coast, Queensland. With the inexpensive cost of airfares to Gold Coast from major centers and by providing local accommodation we can initially satisfy participants’ interest from other areas.

As these LVE participants are inspired to promote and bring together other interested persons in their areas we will travel to those areas to make public presentations and, as numbers dictate – we will hold the LVE workshops in those areas. National workshops have been offered in Geelong, Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle, Brisbane, Wondai Qld..




LVE DISTANCE programs from Australia will offer three facets; available to anyone in the world, if there is no local LVE Associate or Focal Point.

1.  Independent Study program for families and individuals to do at home - with or without certification depending on degree of interacton with the Focal Point. We will provide via email,the full Study program and accompanying Journal at no cost. A print version is also available with cost to cover print and postage. 

2.  A Study Group program for those who might want to use the Study program in community or workplace environment, this will also be good for implementation in the class room - wherever  a group of people come together.  Running a Group instructions are provided. .Materials provided as above.

3. Facilitator Training program designed to allow individuals who would like to have a role of sharing Living Values with others with Certification equal to that of those who attend the normal five, 3 day workshops.  There is only requirement for at least attendance at one 5 day combination workshop and a Train the Trainer session after undertaking the Study and Facilitator program.  There is considerable electronic interaction with the Focal Point throughout the 12 week program.



LVE activities in Australia;  focus on building our facilitator base, on assisting individuals in Values Awareness, on bringing Values Awareness alive in business, communities and among disadvantaged people. There are special LVE progams established for Australian schools and educational groups.

1.  On the Gold Coast held at Paradise Kids Foundation, 11 Dunkirk Place, Arundel, Gold Coast offer their premises on regular basis in return for financially supporting their Foundation.

2.  At our home in Wondai, Qld.

3.  On request Australia wide.


EXTENDING LOVE — Supporting others financially.

With the expansion of LVE activities in Australia a percentage of business will be donated to:

  • Provide a scholarship opportunity for financially challenged individuals to receive LIving Values training as facilitators.
  • Paradise Kids by directing funds through their Foundation and gifting a percentage of the income in return for use of the meeting rooms etc., and assisting Facilitator training to be eligible for tax deduction.


FUNDING – Provide for major sponsorship opportunity to a few select appropriate national players to support initial administration and marketing.

Initially, costs associated with LIVING VALUES’ development, administration, marketing and staffing needs are being funded personally through the National Coordinators, Raj Miles & Suzanne Stallard, until sufficient of the LVE income derived from workshops can be directly applied to sustain and support the Focal Point infrastructure requirements.

Sponsorship funding is required to create public and community awareness for both Facilitators and events and to assist in the administrative overheads.

Long term self sustainability will remain the primary focal. The key to the success and ongoing expansion of the Australian Living Values program is by creating a workable financial structure that can be applied both to individual and group workshop income.

Through this we will be able to support:

  • Paradise Kids Foundation in return for use of training facilities, participant accommodation and providing tax deductible receipts for the participants.
  • Our administration costs associated with collection and dispersal of funds, payment of GST, office reception, communication and staff costs.
  • Payment to Facilitators for their work.
  • Payment of Facilitator incurred expenses.
  • National marketing and promotional costs.
  • A sponsorship fund for financially challenged individuals who show that they are serious about promoting and developing Living Values activity in Australia.


ADMINISTRATION — Establishing a presence requires proper procedures and communication.

The present management and staff will manage all activities relating to LVE workshops and presentations utilizing existing communications, reservations systems, marketing, email news, participant administration, bookkeeping, reporting to ALIVE in Geneva, financial transactions.

A dedicated phone number is provided along with email address. These are answered by the staff as LIVING VALUES. A separate website address is used to handle national and state communication, news updates and dates of activities, blog for participants –


ESTABLISHING AN ASSOCIATION:  We envisage a formal structure allowing Associate status.

Initially the development of LVE in Australia will focus on building activity, facilitators and sites where LVE programs are in use. By being open to acquiring an existing unwanted foundation or charity structure we will be looking to establish a framework that will enable us the ability to fulfill requirements to apply for full Associate status.


EVALUATING THE STATUS OF EXISTING SITES: Where and how much focus is required.

One of the priorities of the administration will be to find out where Values Education is being implemented in Schools and where Living Values Educational Programs can be offered. A survey is required to be conducted in conjunction with the Dept of Education initially in various States by which we will evaluate the extent to which Values Education is already being implemented in both State and Private schools and where we can offer assistance with LVE workshops.



  • Create media news and in-house communication.
  • Build interactive self help online workshops.
  • Build community evening seminar program with video and presentation support materials.
  • Promote and advertise through direct mail to our LVE participants, facilitators and support inquiries with brochure and prospectus.
  • Build the database.

The overall objective is to expand the Living Values ‘family’ data base of participants, ‘site’ managers and interested partiesboth inAustralia and throguh our Distance program internationally.

We are inviting sponsorship partners for assistance in several areas for a two year involvement:

  • The production of graphic design of the print materials cost of printing new materials.
    Year 1. $2,000. Year 2. $0
  • The development of a professional media campaign which can be utilized on an ongoing basis.
    Year 1. $3,000. Year 2. $2,000
  • Advertising and media promotion each year for two years
    Year 1 $25,000. Year 2. $28,000
  • Management and Administration cost for two years
    Year 1. $20,000 Year 2. $20,000


Just as so much of the world is changing, we too are feeling the need to implement new avenues of activity, to offer our ability and be of service at a time when we would all have to admit that humanity is moving into largely uncharted territory as to how we can learn to live with one another recognising that our responsibility extends well beyond past boundaries of race, nationality, religion, parenting, wealth etc.,

Learning to live the International recognised standard of Living Values - Peace, Respect, Love, Cooperation, Happiness, Honesty, Humility, Responsibility, Simplicity, Tolerance, Freedom and Unity - in daily Australian life will change Australia into a new country – one that can lead the world in harmony.

National Co-ordinator, Living Values Australia.


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