The New LVE DISTANCE programs from Australia will offer three facets; available to anyone in the world, and to all international LV organisations.

1.  Independent Study program for families and individuals to do at home - with or without certification depending on degree of interaction with the Focal Point. We will provide via email, the full Study program and accompanying Journal at no cost. A print version is also available with cost to cover print and postage. 

2.  A Study Group program for those who might want to use the Study program in community or workplace environment, this will also be good for implementation in the class room, wherever  group of people come together.  Running a Group instructions are provided. Materials provided as above.

3. Facilitator Training program designed to allow individuals who would like to have a role of sharing Living Values with others with Certification equal to that of those who attend the normal five, 3 day workshops.  There is a requirement for at least attendance at one 5 day combination workshop and a Train the Trainer session after undertaking the Study and Facilitator program.  There is considerable electronic interaction with the Focal Point throughout the 12 week program.

Please contact us on

Raj and Suzanne's Blog:  New Directions 2017

 2017....Hi to all past, present and future participants,


Have you noticed that all of us thrive in a values based atmosphere, in a positive safe environment of mutual respect and care where responsibility, understanding and tolerance become the basis for our actions? In this environment life becomes fun, charitable and forgiving. Everything is possible.

A fundamental truth...

We can all make a difference in the world.... if we choose through exploring and developing universal values within ourselves.  It has to start with us for it is impossible to raise the awareness within our society or community if we have first not raised that awareness within ourselves. 

Suzanne and I have been attending a series of workshops aimed at raising our consciousness around our behaviour, the degree to which we integrate values - all 12 of the aspects on which this programme is based into our life in the world.  While this might appear to be a simple idea, the fact is that we ourselves even as Focal Point in Australia have discovered there are many flaws which we do need to address personally. 

Therefore 2017 is being given over to changing the way we live our lives, basically the degree of Loving that we extend both internally and externally and then ensuring that this vital element manifests in all facets of the 12 Values.

In the following sections we are going to be very visible and honest about where we are.  This will serve as both a diary and worksbook to allow us to see what changes we are making within ourselves over the next few months and allow others to have the opportunity to consider this potential for themselves.

We invite you to journey along with us and see how life unfolds....


Raj  & Suzanne





For the best results in changing your life...Over 12 weeks take one Value per week only, and contemplate on the questions for ten minutes morning on waking and before sleep at night.

1..    Drop into a reflective space
2.    Address myself with each question
3.    Contemplate how I feel about myself relative to the question
4.    Pause in order to feel the truth of the question
5.    It is important not to judge, just to be aware of the truth
6.    Move to next question 


Honesty:  Do I look for loopholes in order to avoid expressing my truth?  Do I expect others to be honest with me when I am not honest with them?  Am I willing to be honest even though I may be adversely affected by the outcome?  Am I truthful with myself, my relationships and my environment?  Am I willing to accept I may be wrong? Do I hide myself or do I live in open transparency in all that I do and have?

Cooperation:  How willingly do I work with the conditions I am presented with?   Do I welcome the ideas and preferences of others?  Do I like to do things myself, my way?  Can I compromise willingly?  Can I go without sometimes?  Do I recognise the inter-dependence of all things?  Do I need to be independent?  Can I accept help from others, whether I want it or not?

Freedom:  Do I feel freedom to be as I am abide in knowing that I exist and I am of worth?  How often do I feel free from mind-noise; from self-judgement and criticism; from complication and confusion?  Do I feel trapped in my relationship, in my work, or do I know I have the freedom to make another choice?

Simplicity:  To what degree do I accept the present moment – what life is offering me now? Do I accept my life situation with willing ease or do I create struggle?  Do I accumulate things, knowledge, people, and acquaintances?  Do I trust that I have what I need?  Do I respect simplicity or do I seek complexity?  Am I often caught up in shoulds and self-judgement.

Unity:  Am I feeling whole, connected to life around me, to opportunity, or do I feel separation and isolation?  How aligned are my heart, my head and my actions?  Can I see myself as part of the greater community, or do I hold myself apart in some way?

Love:  How am I motivated in my actions by Love?  When do I feel pure unconditional love?  How do I express my love toward myself and others….how openly and honestly?  How willing am I to express my love toward all those around me?

Peace:  Can I hold my simplicity and keep still in myself even when external circumstances erupt into chaos?  Do I create a peaceful atmosphere?  Do I know the feeling of peace?  Is it for me a lasting or transient feeling?  Is it a feeling, or is it for me a state of being?

Respect:  Do I honour the worth of others and self in my day to day interactions?  Do I honour what I have with gratitude? How do I personally honour my life and all life forms?

Tolerance:  Where am I intolerant of others or circumstances?  Where am I intolerant of myself?  Where is my threshold?  What conditions support my tolerance, Is my tolerance limited by other stronger feelings such as resentment and fear, or can I knowingly acknowledge another’s worth and need to exist regardless of that which I don’t like or understand?  If someone or some condition is harmful to me, can I discern it, and do I find ways to care for myself in order to restore my tolerance?

Responsibility:  Do I like responsibility or avoid responsibility?  To what extent am I responsible for myself?  To what extent do I expect others to meet my needs?  Do I blame external circumstance when things go wrong?  Do I accept and take responsible action to make the best of a situation?

Humility:    How often am I willing to be present to my vulnerability; to my discomfort? How often do I respond in defence?  Do I ask for help from others?  Can I ask another for forgiveness?  Can I forgive myself?  Do I trust that life will present me with the challenges and opportunities that I truly need, or do I resist what I have and complain about how things could be different?  Do I accept the consequences of my actions in a spirit of self-empathy and learning, or do I judge harshly myself and others?

Happiness:  What is my state of contentment – of general wellness, health, harmony, and connection?  How cheerfully do I take on my duties? Is happiness a way of life and inner state of being for me?….or is it a static place that is enjoyable momentarily, but that can easily be lost?


GANDHI SAID....“As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world around him change towards him.  This is the Divine Mystery supreme.”
Hello there,

We are inviting you to participate in a LVE Research Self-development Study to assist Living Values Educators develop a better understanding of the impact of Values when deeply contemplated in our lives.

Why Are We Asking You to Join Us? 
Truthfully, before we go to the general public we want to be sure that we are not inviting others to do something we have not done ourselves and so you, who represent the international core teams of Living Values Educators are invited to join with us; Board members, Associates and Focal Points, Trainers and Facilitators by personally experiencing the concept of “Living In My Values” for this 12 week Study.

Benefits of Participation: You can discover more deeply about yourself and, according to Gandhi, as your awareness deepens, your life could well be expected to change as a result.
Participation: It requires little of you; just honest contemplation and personal assessment of one of Humanity’s 12 core Values – ten minutes each morning and evening for one week, living in the dynamic of that Value for a week and during the week, evaluating your feelings and realisations relative to the Value and any changes that you discover occurring in your life.

Frequency: Each week on Sunday we will send you the next Value and the accompanying self-development questions. 

To determine the true results of these Values when fully embraced we ask you to record your realisation and feelings - your discoveries about yourself and subsequent changes in your life resulting from your exploration of your Values.  For this we’ll provide you with your own Journal page in the Research Study Blog site, a platform providing a valuable contribution to the Research assessment. We believe that after the 12 week Study you will have a real record of your own Journey.

Visibility and Confidentiality: This Study website is for a Living Values Internal Assessment intended to be used among LVE participants only. It should not be discoverable by search engines. However, anyone with the link could access public contents of the website. You will have options to make your content publicly accessible or private. At conclusion of the 12 week Program, all contents shall be removed and/or archived anonymously for future research validation. You can choose to use nicknames or names that don't identify yourself; this way you can write more openly.

At Conclusion of the 12 Week Study:  It is our intention is to have the Study reviewed by a professional assessment organisation. Any content made available to a third party will be anonymous. We will share our evaluation of the Study with all participants for reference and use with the objective of widening the reach of Living Values Education activities.  All participants will receive a Certificate of Participation.

If you would like to be part of this adventure in personal Values Awareness please join the Research Study

Send your email registration to the address below for inclusion:
Please provide to:

Return email address to receive weekly Values Contemplation
Role currently in LVE

You will receive confirmation along with your first Value.

As you progress through the Study we believe that you may wish to invite friends to also join, this would be great as the more people we have trialling “LIVING IN MY VALUES” the better and more comprehensive will be the results. The Study is restricted initially to those who have participated in a LVE workshop.

We are thrilled to have received the response and enthusiasm for the new Distance program including the “Living in My Values” concept at our recent 20th Anniversary Gathering. We look forward to your connecting for this experience and we will be doing it along with you,


Roger (Raj) Miles, LV Education Distance Programs.

Questions To Ask Ourselves

For an individual or organisation established for the purposes of extending truth, asking participants to be responsible and honest it is necessary for that party to also demonstarte that they are living in the Values that they are inviting others to explore.  To this end Suzanne and I acknowledge the importance of transparency as a Value that in this case provides an insight to our financial life.

We live essentially through the Australian Pension scheme and small donations received from individuals who support the various activities in which we are involved.  The activities include :





The consoldated income and expenditure of the above entities, plus our personal income, but not including living costs are shown on a Profit and Loss statement submitted annually to our Bisbane based accountants and on to the ATO.

We are in the fortunate position of owning without mortgage, our home in Wondai, Queensland (350 kms north of Brisbane), a 2003 Nissan X Trail and 2000 Toyota Ute.  Our savings and investments amount to $180,000 (2016)


Yr. 2013 -2014:

Profit & Loss Statement - Elohim - A Way of Life 2013 -2014

Roger Miles & Suzanne Stallard                                                               Jul 2013 - Jun 2014 Ordinary Income/Expense


Karuna Bali Admin


Pension  R. Miles


Donations Elohim


Divine Truth Publishing


Living Values


Italy '14 Tour


Total Income


Gross Profit





Bank merchant fees


Office Expense


Computer Expense




Bank Charges






Postage - Local


Postage - Overseas


Printing & Stationery


Telephone & Internet


Licences & Permits




Repairs & Maintenance


Website Maintenance






Total Expense





Net Ordinary Income




Net Ordinary Income



Other Income


Income from ING savings acct


Income from ING Retirement Acct


Income from ANZ


Income from ANZ


Income from ANZ


Income from ANZ


Income from ANZ


Total Other Income




Net Income





 Yr 2014 - 2015









Profit & Loss Statement - Elohim - Way of the Heart  2014 - 2015



Roger Miles & Suzanne Stallard

Jul 2014 - Jun 2015


Ordinary Income/Expense













Karuna Bali Admin







Pension  R. Miles







Pension S. Stallard














Divine Truth Publishing







Living Values












Total Income




Gross Profit

























Office Expense







Computer Expense














Bank Charges














Postage Local







Postage Overseas







Printing & Stationery







Telephone & Internet







Licences & Permits







Repairs & Maintenance







Website Maintenance











Total Expense










Net Ordinary Income

















Other Income





Income from ING savings acct Bsb 923 100  A/c 18089810




Income from ING Retirement Acct Bsb 923 100  A/c 77729738




Income from ANZ Bsb 014-125  A/c 4513 27328




Income from ANZ Bsb 014-630 A/c 2118 65813




Income from ANZ Bsb 014-125 A/c 2166 19048




income from BSB:  633000  A/c No: 102228871



Karuna Bali Accounts




Income from ANZ Bsb 014-630 A/c 3872 66101




Income from ANZ Bsb 014-125  A/c 4789 08034





Total Other Income



Total Net Income





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New Directions 2016

Posted by raj on Friday, November 13

Hello Everyone,

Just would like to share the direction that we have in mind for the next few months and ask for any suggestions or ideas that may extend our own thoughts....

Of interest to parents and teachers – in future we would be pleased to offer a LIVING VALUES EDUCATION 13 week school program (one day/class per week) - intro lesson plus one Value per week - to present to a large local high school in the South Burnett area of Queensland to coincide with the new intake of the school year. 

The object is to trial one class to qualify and quantify the difference in behaviour and attitude between children that are subject to LVE and those who are not.  Once we have that information we'll create a report that can be circulated through Department of Education, school principals both here in Queensland and in other States where we have qualified facilitators.

It would appear that through LVE we have been offered a dream come true - the best tool we could have asked for that has the potential to impact the whole community in Australia and best of all - to all ages.   So thank you everyone for your support and encouragement.  Now its time to have fun.


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