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Download our Living Values Home Study brochure - Please note contact details changed to 12 Slaters Rd, WONDAI  4606 Qld - 07 4169 0301


LVE Brochure

Download our Australian Living Values brochure (Please note contact details changed to 12 Slaters Rd,

WONDAI 4606 Qld - 07 4169 0301


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We now offer these 12 week personal facilitation development programs that can be done at home. 
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Associates and Focal Points please call us on 07 4169 0301 or Email : if you would like to discuss options or ideas. the inaugural speech of the UN Secretary-General António Guterres:

"In the end, it comes down to values. We want the world our children inherit to be defined by the values enshrined in the UN Charter: peace, justice, respect, human rights, tolerance and solidarity. All major religions embrace them, and we strive to reflect them in our daily lives.

The threats to these values are most often based on fear. Our duty to the peoples we serve is to work together to move from fear of each other, to trust in each other. Trust in the values that bind us, and trust in the institutions that serve and protect us".

-- Incoming United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres, after taking the Oath of Office today, 12 December.

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Living Values' stated purpose is to provide guiding principles and tools for the development of the whole person, recognizing that the individual is comprised of physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual dimensions.
The aims are:

  • To help individuals of all ages, cultures and race to think about and reflect on different values and the practical implications of expressing them in relation to themselves, others, the community, and the world at large;

  • To deepen understanding, motivation, and responsibility with regard to making positive personal and social choices;

  • To inspire individuals to choose their own personal, social, moral, and spiritual values and be aware of practical methods for developing and deepening them within the home, the workplace, the community; and

  • To encourage each of us to offer our young people a philosophy of living, thereby facilitating their overall growth, development, and choices so they may integrate themselves into the community with respect, confidence, and purpose.

Point of Difference

"The quality that makes Living Values different to every other approach to human development is that it is not a teaching.

It does not rest fundamentally on ideas or in offers the notion of what might be embodied in a Value, but it totally acknowledges that these qualities are beyond words, or ideas, they are innate in the heart and soul of every man, woman and child and the journey to their fully lived expression comes through 'feeling'.

Consequently they cannot be extended, only revealed.  They cannot be contained in philosophy or doctrine, espoused by gurus, or extended through religion. They are already yours.

Every individual knows them in their own unique way.  That is why this Program is such a refreshing experience.  It is about you. It enables you to take time for yourself to discover the Truth of you. The beauty you have inside you, revealing what you already know. Bringing it to the light of your own conscious awareness to enable you to live and extend it in totality.

And the lived expression of these Values changes everything..."

For an individual or organisation established for the purposes of extending truth, asking participants to be responsible and honest it is necessary for that party to also demonstarte that they are living in the Values that they are inviting others to explore.  To this end Suzanne and I acknowledge the importance of transparency as a Value that in this case provides an insight to our financial life.

For a Personal Note from Raj & Suzanne - Focal Point for Living Values Australia 2016 regarding our activities for this year - please visit our blog on this website - go to "Facilitators" - Blog.  Thank You



LVE DISTANCE INTERNATIONAL programs offers three facets; available to anyone in the world, where no local LVE Associate or Focal Point exists.

1.  Independent Personal Development program for families and individuals to do at home - with certification depending on degree of interaction with the Focal Point. We will provide via email, the full 12 WEEK DISTANCE program and accompanying materials and the services of a mentor .

2.  A Study Group program for those who might want to use the Study program in community or workplace environment, this will also be good for implementation in the class room, wherever  group of people come together.  Running a Group instructions are provided. Materials provided as above.

3. Facilitator Training program designed to allow individuals who would like to have a role of sharing Living Values with others with Certification equal to that of those who attend the normal five, 3 day workshops.  There is a requirement for at least attendance at one 5 day combination workshop and a Train the Trainer session after undertaking the Study and Facilitator program.  There is considerable electronic interaction with the Focal Point throughout the 12 week program.

One of our new Facilitators shared....." Just looking for something!I became aware of a huge empty space within me, no journey I had taken had filled this space permanently, all just for filling an interest or short lived excitement. There was no depth  to it. I attended a Living values introduction session a few years ago and decided I wanted more, a closer more indepth look than a weekend workshop would give me. So I embarked on a three month in depth look into myself doing the distance learning package as well as a few weekend workshops.  I was not expecting this would make the huge difference  in my life that it has. The material  forced to look at myself, all of me, my hurdles, pain, grief, fears and blocks. I soon discovered what values were the hardest for me...anything to do with me!!I completed the course and wanted to help others gain what I had gained and became a facilitator. This was a very valuable experience for me I found so much inside of me I had not healed and by doing so my fears lessened I grew a new understanding and compassion for myself. Something I previously only had for others.  My fear of being judged was challenged; I won and chains around me were broken.

My journey continues every moment.I have a renewed vigor for helping others now. What I love about living values is you are supported to discover yourself and your potential. You are not told or taught what you should do but are supported while you unfold what is inside of you as deeply as you want to. I am further humbled to know I am the first person world-wide to engage this program on a full time basis by DISTANCE learning. 

I found I engaged the program deeply and emotionally on a long term continuous basis by the distance program discovering hidden happiness and desires in myself.

Now I am very keen to facilitate your wakening, you can come to me or I will come to your group get together. I live in Qld. Australia and  I am willing to travel with prior arrangements."

With blessings, Denise, QLD

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